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Yesterday’s “gig”

I attended a meeting in the local Lutheran “church home” (Seurakuntakoti in Finnish) of Pyhämaa, a nice old little “village” 25km north… had a terrible flu, my brain was totally blocked – but still I managed to play one piece (which happened to be Amazing Grace)… The place was really nice, too bad the piano wasn’t… but I don’t care about that. My father, who is a Penteecostal pastor in Uusikaupunki, preached there about God’s Word… and so did the local Lutheran priest (who really is a devoted Christian).

That Lutheran priest is locally famous for preaching the Gospel every time he gets to speak in public. No matter what the place, what time, or what subject – he always manages to tell that there is salvation only in Jesus Christ. Thank God for men like him 🙂

I show you photos of Pyhämaa’s two churches. The “church home” mentioned above is located behind these. The old wooden church dates from the 1600s and the stone church was built in 1804.

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